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Interactive Media Council awards 2008; Winner, Best in class - Food/Beverage category
BIMA Awards 2008; Shortlisted, Website - Content & Design Award
Revolution awards 2009; Shortlisted, Best website category

This is one of the largest projects I have worked on to date, totalling over 8000 pages of content, with many complicated legacy issues of migrating the technologies, infrastructure, and all of the old content, into a new design where new content is put at the forefront, with easy access to the older material.

The budget constraints meant a traditional CMS for a site of this magnitude would cost too much, so the solution involved setting up a dedicated team to maintain the site going forward, and create a system of design templates that could be used to house all conceivable content types, providing the maintenance team with the materials to generate a bespoke page design for all new content added.

On this project my role included:

The result was a large-scale, flexible solution that can be easily expanded and support constantly evolving major marketing campaigns, utilising a unified user experience that challenged competitors in it's market and made new technological advances.